Are Occasional Drivers Covered On Your Insurance Policy?

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Most auto insurance companies categorize drivers based on how often they drive a vehicle. Generally speaking, the primary or principal driver is the person who drives a vehicle the majority of the time, while an occasional or intermittent driver is someone who uses a vehicle only on a periodic basis. Each auto insurance company is different, but many allow you to add occasional drivers to your policy. Depending on your insurance company's requirements, placing someone on your policy as an occasional driver can sometimes save you money.


The definition of an occasional driver can vary by state and insurance company, however, the term “occasional driver” usually refers to someone who drives your vehicle no more than once a week. Some insurance companies also define occasional drivers according to age (e.g. under 21), depending on the percentage of time they drive your vehicle, and according to the amount of mileage they typically put on your vehicle (e.g. no more than 25 percent). Other insurance companies only allow you to name an occasional driver on your policy if that person does not live in your household but parks the vehicle at your house at the end of each day.


Based on your insurance company's guidelines and rating system, you can determine whether it would be cheaper to list someone as an occasional driver on your policy. In some cases, it might cost more for you to place an occasional driver on your policy. While occasional drivers are typically insured at a lower rate than primary drivers, insurance companies usually base rates on a driver's age.


For cost considerations and other reasons, it is a good idea to talk to your insurance agent to find out what would work best in your situation. In many cases, you will want to consider listing people in your household and those who drive your vehicle periodically as occasional drivers on your policy. Some people also place teenagers as occasional drivers on their auto insurance policies to help reduce overall insurance costs. For more information, see

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